I came to Planet Hospital and was skeptical. I spoke with the silver tongue swindler Rudy Rupak who convinced me that all the bad reviews on the internet were related to surrogacy and done by a hostile ex-employee.

This is my story. I am NOT a surrogacy client.

When I booked my surgery I was told I would need to pay a deposit, with the remaining due 24 hours prior to surgery. I agreed. This was classic bait and switch.

I was almost immediately asked for more money, then more, with different excuses. By the time it was 72 hours prior to surgery I had given scam artist Rudy Rupak over $25,000.

I realized I had not spoken with him for a while. I called. Then called again. by the next day, 48 hours prior to surgery, I had called 50 times with no call back.

I then called the hospital only to find they had not been given 1 penny by Rudy Rupak or Planet Hospital.

I tried to call again. No response. I had wired the money so I had no recourse to challenge the payment.

I have yet to hear back from that monster Rudy Rupak or that company. I was scammed!

I have since found out that Planet Hospital is in bankruptcy and that Rudy Rupak is being investigated by the federal government for committing these crimes against others as well.

Protect yourself. I lost my money. You don't have to. I am not wealthy.

Rudy Rupak and Planet Hospital are only scams.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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