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Stay far, far away from Planet Hospital. More than 20 couples have been robbed of their money by them.

Enough of those bylines constantly used by worldwide advertisements. By lines such as SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or QUALITY ASSURANCE CONTROL.  These words are strategically placed to attract willing and trusting clients to jump into their scheming plot.  Planet Hospital has been assuring guaranteed  achievement in their surrogacy program thru their clinic provider. May fertility centers and plenty of couples are into it because of their so called assurance. We ,as couple, enrolled in their program together with another set of couple and we were so devastated by the results.

That was in November when we went to India and deposit our semen and initially cash out the primary payment.  As  of this writing, no word  arrived yet from the Planet Hospital about updates on how our case had stand. We are so desperate now and concluded that we were tricked together with other 20 couples who were blinded with their sweet promises.

Recently, our course of action is to legally ask for a full refund which until now has stayed unheard by the company. Basing on our experience, we would like to inform other couples who are planning to consider this surrogacy program to think twice before approaching and doing business  with Planet Hospital.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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My dad was promised a lung transplant in Mexicalli through Rudy. He took $76k from my dad who waited so long that he eventually died.

We are still waiting for a return of the monies given to facilitate. SID WEBB - England 26/04/13 rip.


now i hear he is planning o fleece clients in mexico.Rudy Rupak Acharya does not know the spelling of surrogacy.stay away from this man and his company planet hospital.if he claims to know what surrogacy is.just ask him basic medical queries like the meaning of ectopic pregnancy or what is normal blood pressure.he will not know anything even though he claims to be getting clients pregnant through surrogacy.


April 12, 2011

We, the former staff of Healthcare International Network LLC, dba PlanetHospital (HIN/PlanetHospital),

would like to take a few minutes to address the Surrogacy Program you are involved in.

As you know, it has been a difficult time at HIN/PlanetHospital for the past several weeks. On March 4th


the shareholders asked CEO/Founder Rudy Rupak to take a leave of absence while several allegations

were investigated. This process has taken over four weeks to determine their validity and seriousness.

As a result, the shareholders have decided to not continue supporting their association with Rudy Rupak

and HIN/PlanetHospital. Rudy is a minor shareholder; therefore, the majority shareholders are deciding

how to wind down the company. The actual specifics as to the future of the company and Rudy are still

being negotiated, but all of the former HIN/PlanetHospital staff are no longer employed. We, the Case

Managers, Kelly Jenkins, Peter Elson, and additional support personnel have not been paid since

February 15. As such, we have had no responsibility to continue working cases; however, we sincerely

care about our clients that have been wronged and we, collectively, decided to remain available to

provide as much information and support as possible. We were hoping that HIN/PlanetHospital could

rebound and that we could continue as HIN/PlanetHospital staff, even if it meant without Rudy.

However, that is not the case so we officially ended our relationship with HIN/PlanetHospital as of


Rudy has told our team, the shareholders and attorneys that he will not be involved in surrogacy going

forward and will be responsible for all liabilities incurred as a result of his actions while at

HIN/PlanetHospital. To that end, all inquiries regarding promises made to you by Rudy, as well as

complaints, claims, refund requests, lawsuits, etc. can be directed to Rudy’s attorney, Karl Schlecht. Mr.

Schlecht’s information follows:

Karl P. Schlecht, Esq.

Kimball, Tirey & St. John, LLP

5510 Trabuco Road

Irvine, CA 92620

We wish that we could facilitate complaints more, but we are not in communication with Rudy and have

been advised to direct all communication through his attorney. What we can do is to continue providing

service in the manner we know best.

To that end, the core group of HIN/PlanetHospital staff that serviced surrogacy clients (seven, in total)

have decided to remain intact and have just recently formed a new entity, 360 Global Health, LLC, in an

effort to take care of clients going forward as best we can. 360 Global Health is officially registered as an

LLC with proper EIN numbers and corporate formation documentation as of April 5, 2011. We were

stuck in an impossible situation at HIN/PlanetHospital and the only way we could move forward with

any progress was to form this new entity.

This has, understandably, led to some confusion as to which company is helping you and who you

should address for refunds, status updates and information on next steps. As stated, above, all concerns

regarding refunds, lawsuits, promises made by Rudy, etc. should be directed to his attorney. Or you can

call Rudy directly. For those who are continuing service with Kiran Infertility Clinic (KIC), we have been

instructed by KIC that all communication and coordination is to go straight to them (as per April 1

emails). For those wishing to go forward other than with KIC, we will try to help facilitate that through

360 Global Health and you may contact us directly. Some of our emails have been disabled, so we will be

using interim emails until 360 Global Health is complete (also communicated in April 1 email).

We truly believe the surrogacy program we are developing will help make our clients’ families whole.

Our first objective in creating this company is to help the clients that did not receive service they had

paid for while working with HIN/PlanetHospital. Although this obligation is not legally 360’s, we have

formed our company with the objective of paying the Kiran Infertility Centre the money that is still owed

to it from HIN/PlanetHospital, as documented between KIC and HIN/PlanetHospital. We wish we could

absorb all of the refund requests and liabilities owed, but we simply cannot. As individuals, we have not

been paid for over 8 weeks. Yet, we have worked with many of our clients for a significant amount of

time and developed strong bonds that we cannot walk away from.

Because of the damage that has been done, we have been unable to make this as smooth a transition

into the new company as we had hoped. We realize we have not been able to provide answers to all the

questions that you have. It is not from lack of intent; we simply do not know the answers yet. 360 Global

Health’s team is well experienced, but the process of building a new entity while wading through

legalities has proved troublesome and time consuming. We want our company to have a solid

foundation, so with that in mind, we are holding off on offering existing clients treatment until May 2nd.

At that time, we will officially launch 360 Global Health.

At that time, we will be prepared and ready to offer you the customer service that you deserve. We

realize many of you have been in this process for well over a year and the thought of waiting longer is

distressing, but please know that it is in your best interest. We are taking this additional time to raise the

funds required to continue existing services and to put the correct processes in place. Our team knows

how to service our clients extremely well – both from an operations point of view, as well as a customer

service viewpoint. We will now be able to do a much better job since all negative communication and

actions have been stopped.

Please know that despite a horrible situation, you have a great team of people that will enable you to

move forward if you choose to let them do so. We hope that you will trust us with your services from

this point on.

Respectfully yours,

Jeffrey Waters Peter Elson

Jenna Glancz Solomon Acosta

Jennifer Allaire Whitney Baker

Kelly Jenkins

to PH Staff San Jose, California, United States #699884

PH Staff,

Has the legal issues been resolved with Planet Hospital?

Is the new entity Global Health is currently operating?


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