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Aloha fellow IP's ... My husband and I are writing this review in disappointment. A brief bio about us: I'm an executive with a company and my husband is a highly respected surgeon. We are professionals that did an insane amount of research on Surrogacy after

about 18 months of time we signed with Planet Hospital, I personally visited the office of Rudy Rupak with my family in CA and the clinic in Cancun where we met the staff of PH. We thought we had chosen the best option for us, since domestic surrogacy

is so high risk legally. We are disappointed in Planet hospital 9 months after the first payment nothing but circles of lies and drama blaming others for the lack of professionalism and transparency. The company may deliver results in some aspects of medical tourism, however in the Surrogacy program they are a failure. We demanded a refund on Nov 6 2013.

and still nothing, then Planet Hospital sent us a email stating they are leaving the surrogacy business, again proving to us the incompetence of this company. We have begun our very public campaign to make everyone in the GLAAD and HRC Community aware of

this exploitation. The deceitful manner in which we have been treated by PH should serve as a warning to individuals who are considering medical tourism with this company...Feb 2014 and still no resolutions from a company who is committing FRAUD..

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I plan to go to Cuba for the treatment for NSCLC, and I am closing to making payment to their Mex account. Shall I do it?

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