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My husband and I thought that we had done our research. We specifically asked Geoff Moss and Rudy Rupak Acharya about the negative reviews we found on the web.

We were told that all the issues that led to those reviews had been resolved and that the only real issue had been a group of disgruntled former employees. Unfortunately, this was the first of many lies they have told us. After twenty thousand dollars and over eight months of half truths, excuses, delays, and outright lies, we have been forced accept that if anything, the negative reviews understated the scope of the problem. Despite their protestations that they are an American company and are dedicated to accountability and transparency, our experience shows otherwise.

They refused to provide even the most basic documentation. Communication with them is great, until you give them your money, at which time they are dismissive, rude and if you push for accountability, outright abusive. This was supposed to be a wonderful experience. Instead, it has been a nightmare.

Once we made it clear that we were unwilling to accept their offer of a solution (their solution to our grave concerns was to tell us we simply needed to send them another 30k... uh thank you no.) they then resorted to trying to bully us into silence.

Legitimate businesses do not need to try and intimidate unhappy customers in to silence.

Monetary Loss: $19385.

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