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Something really disturbing came to my attention today. Company reviews reviews need to be honest, candid and made by real customers. Creating bogus reviews for the benefit of marketing and boasting one's own profit margin is just downright disgusting and unethical. But this shady behavior should not come as a surprise for Planet Hospital. The company must be having some serious financial difficulties for things to boil down to this level.

Planet Hospital has been in the practice of creating bogus reviews for itself for who knows how long. But this latest round is much more obvious then before. Take for example, these 4 positive reviews on Google. All 4 reviews are made on the same day. Now for a company that claims to be in business for 10 years without any reviews and then all of a sudden have 4 positive reviews all on the same day. How can this happen? Is this natural? Absolutely not. These reviews are all fabricated.

Don't trust everything you see on the Internet as being the absolute truth. And if it comes from Planet Hospital, then you have even more reason to be suspect. Look out for your self and don't fall for these bogus reviews.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Have you read some of the reviews on this and many other sites from customers who are absolutely lying to make the company look bad or just for fun. Many times they are created by competitors.

Don't believe any reviews from anyone, including you and me.

Just read them for entertainment nothing else.

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