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Planet Hospital has failed to fulfill our contract for surrogacy in Cancun Mexico and has failed to pay clinics involved in their program for services. We signed a contract with Planet Hospital for Surrogacy in Cancun Mexico in May of 2013 and payed them $25,000.00.

During the past 9 months we have been given numerous excuses for delays. The original clinic was not following procedure, Planet Hospital moved it's surrogacy program to another clinic in Cancun, there is a problem with the egg donor, there is a problem with the surrogate. All along we were asked to trust that Rudy Rupak Acharya and Planet Hospital were working resolved these issues. According to Planet Hospitals website as of January 2014 they are no longer in the surrogacy business.

We have never been formally notified of this change, we have been given no notification of how Planet Hospital intends to fulfill our contract and frankly we no longer trust that Planet Hospital has done anything other than take $25,000.00 from us. We have asked for a full refund since Planet Hospital cannot fulfill the contract but our requests have been denied.

We have now been in contact with a number of other clients who also feel they are victims of Planet Hospitals ineptitude in running a surrogacy program and also want resolution. We have been contacted by two attorneys working on group action lawsuits against Planet Hospital.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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