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I came to Planet Hospital and was skeptical. I spoke with the silver tongue swindler Rudy Rupak who convinced me that all the bad reviews on the internet were related to surrogacy and done by a hostile ex-employee. This is my story. I am NOT a surrogacy client. When I booked my surgery I was told I would need to pay a deposit, with the remaining due 24 hours prior to surgery. I agreed. This was classic bait and switch. I was almost immediately... Read more

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Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customer who continue to purchase our product monthly. There are thousands of testimonials to both our product quality and our customer service. Because you and your sister have chosen to remain anonymous we are unable to review the record of your business with us, to try to find a satisfactory resolution for your concerns. Should you wish to discuss your issues, we recommend that you call our... Read more

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Aloha fellow IP's ... My husband and I are writing this review in disappointment. A brief bio about us: I'm an executive with a company and my husband is a highly respected surgeon. We are professionals that did an insane amount of research on Surrogacy after about 18 months of time we signed with Planet Hospital, I personally visited the office of Rudy Rupak with my family in CA and the clinic in Cancun where we met the staff of PH. We thought... Read more

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Planet Hospital has failed to fulfill our contract for surrogacy in Cancun Mexico and has failed to pay clinics involved in their program for services. We signed a contract with Planet Hospital for Surrogacy in Cancun Mexico in May of 2013 and payed them $25,000.00. During the past 9 months we have been given numerous excuses for delays. The original clinic was not following procedure, Planet Hospital moved it's surrogacy program to another... Read more

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Intended parents beware! Planet Hospital is dishonest and disorganized! Proceed with caution! Not only did I work with PH on their Cancun Surrogacy team but my surrogate is presently under their care! We still have not received an egg retrieval report nor an embryo report from the clinic that PH uses because Rudy has told them not to cooperate with me even though my husband and I earned over $20,000 in pay working for him! So I make these... Read more

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My husband and I thought that we had done our research. We specifically asked Geoff Moss and Rudy Rupak Acharya about the negative reviews we found on the web. We were told that all the issues that led to those reviews had been resolved and that the only real issue had been a group of disgruntled former employees. Unfortunately, this was the first of many lies they have told us. After twenty thousand dollars and over eight months of half... Read more

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Something really disturbing came to my attention today. Company reviews reviews need to be honest, candid and made by real customers. Creating bogus reviews for the benefit of marketing and boasting one's own profit margin is just downright disgusting and unethical. But this shady behavior should not come as a surprise for Planet Hospital. The company must be having some serious financial difficulties for things to boil down to this level.... Read more

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Aside from getting staff in a foreign land who can hardly communicate in English, the Planet Hospital agent that had approached and who arranged this set up has disappeared leaving me like a dried leaf to a cold fertility clinic.  I was not even shown a single contract or anything that could have been my guide to the procedure.  I was literally left alone to cope on my own. Planet Hospital is the worst by definition. A patient has every... Read more

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Stay far, far away from Planet Hospital. More than 20 couples have been robbed of their money by them. Enough of those bylines constantly used by worldwide advertisements. By lines such as SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or QUALITY ASSURANCE CONTROL.  These words are strategically placed to attract willing and trusting clients to jump into their scheming plot.  Planet Hospital has been assuring guaranteed  achievement in their surrogacy program thru... Read more

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